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In the picturesque village of Kholmovka, Bakhchysarai region of Crimea, since 2016, the "teaRa" Company has been growing essential oil plants and collecting wild herbs.
From lavender, rose flower, mint, clary sage and medicinal sage, oregano, hypericum, ironwort, thyme, chicory, etc., essential oils and extracts, tea mix and cosmetics are produced by using our own equipment.

«TeaRa» tea mix is a unique product in every sense

Large whole-leaf tea of the highest-quality, grown on private plantations in the Khosta region (Sochi city), is mixed with herbs collected in environment-friendly regions of Crimea (Bakhchysarai and Bilohirsk regions with developed tourism and agriculture and without any industrial production).

No flavors, no preservatives, no other additives.

No chemicals are used in the growing and processing of the raw materials. "TeaRa" rose jam is much sought after. This is a made by hand piece of product which is made according to a home-made recipe and therefore there is only a limited availability of this jam.

Essential oils and "TeaRa” rose extract - 100% all natural product

The concept of design of all products of the "teaRa" company in the "Provence" style, as well as custom branding, allows to present them for presentations and as business gifts.

We are willing to work cooperatively regarding growing plants and herbs in our own fields to your specifications.

  • We have more than 50 hectares of land in an environment-friendly region of the Republic of Crimea
  • We produce the purest lavender oil with high quality factors
  • Each year we grow and harvest over 100 tons of lavender

We are ready to deliver high volume of our production:

  1. High-quality lavender flower
  2. Large variety of Crimean herbs
  3. 100% lavender oil (not mixed with anything else)
  4. green cosmetics of our own production
  5. dried lavender bouquets
  6. lavender saplings